‘Room’ Update: I am SO behind.

Note – these updates are mainly for those people out there that are total fanboys about Room. I might do more in the future, if people like these updates.

I swear, I was just casually looking for pictures of Jacob Tremblay, and I came across this. It’s just a casual post on Tumblr. And here is what it said.

“First look at Jacob Tremblay and Brie Larson in Lenny Abrahamson’s Room.”


And apparently this picture came out in January! First of all, this movie needs a much, MUCH better publicist. Second of all, let’s take a look at the picture.


(I really wish I could upload a larger picture. Hopefully you won’t mind.)

I’m gonna rip of TheFilmExperience here and do ‘Thoughts I Had While Looking At This New Image’. Please don’t sue me, it’s just the best way I can get my excitement out.

  • In the book, both Jack and Ma are described as having ponytails. They’re also described as being blonde. I can overlook these changes, though. They kept Jack’s long hair.
  • I’m not sure what scene this is exactly, but I’m pretty sure they’re watching TV. And if that’s ‘Bed’ they’re leaning up against, it seems fair to say that they’ve got the orientation of Room right. Not that that’s hard to do, given the amount of detail given in the book.
  • I was trying to read way too deep into the look on Larson’s face. I can’t judge an entire performance by one image. Who knows what ‘Ma’ should be feeling in this moment.
  • It took me a while to remember that the eggshell-chain they’re making was actually mentioned in the book! It was called ‘Eggsnake’.
  • We get a very small glimpse of Room itself. Just a bunch of tiles in the background. But I’m pretty sure they’re the right kind of tiles as specified in the book.
  • They recently announced who the DP is. Danny Cohen, who did a lot of work with director Tom Hooper, like John Adams, Les Miserables, and The King’s Speech, which he was nominated for an Oscar for. You heard right, we have an Academy Award nominee working on this film. That is very, very good news for this otherwise low-key production.

I’m starting to think the film doesn’t have a very good marketing campaign. For a book that was so popular, this film should be on more people’s radar. Hopefully I’m not behind when we get a poster. I’ll also probably do a shot for shot analysis of the trailer. That’s how hyped up I am about this film. But am I the only one who cares about this movie? Is anybody else hyped up to see Emma Donoghue’s novel brought to the big screen? Let me know in the comments below!

Also, since we’re going so crazy about this picture, what if we made it a caption contest? I’d like to know if anyone has any ideas for crazy captions.

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