Best Picture Reviews: Crash


Okay, so I think it goes without saying that this Best Picture choice was a controversial one, and thus, it’s only fitting that this review be a controversial one as well. So, here it goes.

I thought Crash was a fantastic movie.

Considering the fact that people call the Academy ‘wimps’ for going with the ‘easy’ choice, people seem to forget how brutally honest and uncompromising this movie is. The film shows us how much hate is in the world. At many points, it is very hard to watch. But the few scenes involving love and kindness become such a relief that it makes the film worth it.

The contrast between hatred and love is what makes the film so gripping. You can’t look away. You want to see these characters get out okay. This film’s message is so powerful because you know that what this movie is saying is prejudice and hatred is all true. However, the film does end on a positive note, ultimately saying that hate is all a part of life – but it doesn’t have to be.

The ensemble is just perfect. Every single cast member works wonderfully off of one another. Highlights are Terrence Howard and Thandie Newton. The script and directing are just excellent and the editing truly makes this movie the gem it is.

Who knows, maybe Brokeback Mountain is the greatest movie ever made. But that doesn’t give people the right to call Crash one of the worst Best Picture winners. I think it was a very bold move by the Academy to give Best Picture to this film. It’s not always an upper, but it’s a movie that will stick with you. And if you were against this film’s win back in 2005, now might be the time to give Crash a second chance.


2 thoughts on “Best Picture Reviews: Crash

  1. Er…but Crash is awful. For the record, I was not against it’s win back in 2005. I had seen both films and was fine with Crash winning…but watching it recently, I’ve grown very bitter towards it. It’s just so manipulative and unrealistic and it blows every single thing out of proportion, it has no idea what restraint is and it becomes a heaping pile of cliche by the end. It tries way too hard. There is a lot of hatred, but this film is so incredibly black and white it’s insulting.

    But it’s always nice to hear from someone who bucks the trend a bit!

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