2015 Movie Reviews: Inside Out


This is a very intimidating film for me to review. AwardsNazi and Fistful Of Films have already explained why Pixar’s latest film is a masterpiece.

One could argue that Inside Out is the world’s greatest character study. The brilliance of the film is that it takes a relatively minor and personal struggle of a single character and turns it into an entire world on the brink of destruction.

I find myself drawn to films with internal and external stories. The external story of Riley and the internal story of Riley’s emotions are both strong in their own right, but the way these two stories complement each other results in something that isn’t quite like anything we’ve seen in cinema before.

It’s a fascinating idea, and it sticks with you long after the movie is over. As life went on in the days to follow, I caught myself thinking about what was going on with the emotions in my own head. I would picture Fear pushing a button when I stand on the edge of the high dive, or Joy pulling a lever while I’m on the swing, or Sadness taking full control at the end of Life Is Strange: Episode 2. (If you haven’t played that, you need to.)

I like the fact that the film mainly focuses on Riley’s emotions, only showcasing the emotions of other characters in the dinner scene (Probably the funniest scene in the movie) and the end credits. Everything that happens in this film feels very natural, taking an idea that could have been somewhat frightening if done wrong and making a film that is very moving, powerful, and for lack of a better word, emotional.

And this is all without even taking into account the technical aspects of the movie, particularly the editing, Amy Poehler’s performance, and the beautiful score. Expect this film to be a major contender in Oscar season. It’s great to know that Pixar is back in action, and I encourage anyone reading this, young and old, to see the movie if you haven’t already.


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