PGA Crisis


The Big Short
Bridge Of Spies
Ex Machina
Mad Max: Fury Road
The Martian
The Revenant
Straight Outta Compton

This might be one of the strangest lineups ever. I hear the PGA is usually good at predicting this kinda stuff, but here?

No Carol. No Room. No Inside Out. In my opinion, the year’s three best films.

Now, Carol and Room should still manage to get nominations, but my big concern is Inside Out. I mean, in a time when the PGA only had five nominees, they nominated The Incredibles. Come on, is everyone out of their minds? Maybe the fact that everyone in the guilds is putting animated movies in their own category.

And then there are the BAFTA nominations. I’m just gonna link to them. You know

But at this point, what else is there to say, really?

Mad Max: Fury Road doesn’t show up in Picture or Director after being a presumed frontrunner. The Martian also gets overlooked.

I’m starting to think Alicia Vikander is really gonna get nominated for Ex Machina. If this happens, she’ll be the second person in history to be nominated for playing a non-human.

Inside Out doesn’t get a score nomination. Now you’re just being stupid.

How many people really love The Big Short? Why is it suddenly one of the top contenders?

Yeah, I really have no clue how everything is going to play out.

And let’s face it, neither do you.







2 thoughts on “PGA Crisis

  1. totally agree! I dont know what the story with The Big Short is also. It was ok, but not superb.

    Inside Out was my fav movie of the year and its being snubbed left and right. Its also different than most pixar films because kids love it less than adults 🙂

    looking forward to seeing ur new nom list before they r announced later this week!

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