2015 Let’sPredict: Best Documentary Short


I will be the first to admit, I have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about in this category. I’m just getting this category out of the way. I have a rough guess about  what’s winning, but I won’t be shocked if I’m wrong.

Though with that said, I have nothing against the Best Documentary Short category. I say that because next year, there’s a slight possibility that I might be competing in it next year. (We might be opening up a new IndieGogo campaign at some point.)

5th Most likely To Win: Last Day Of Freedom

Apparently parts of this are animated. They rarely nominate movies like this, let alone give them the win.

4th Most likely To Win: Claude Lanzman: Spectres Of The Soul

It’s a documentary short about the making of a documentary feature. Uh… have they EVER gone for something like this in this category before?

3rd Most Likely To Win: A Girl In The River: A Price Of Forgiveness

This one just doesn’t feel like a winner. I mean, it’s about human sacrifice. Doesn’t seem very popular wit the Academy.

2nd Most Likely To Win: Body Team 12

It’s about Ebola. It’s got a catchy title. This feels like the kind of surprise winner that nobody sees coming but makes total sense in context. And yet…

My Predicted Winner: Chau: Beyond The Lines

It’s about a kid with a disability and a dream that also mixes in a war. Score! This is exactly the kind of thing that they like to reward. I’d say this is your winner.

(I haven’t seen any of the nominees.)

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