2015 Let’s Predict: Best Makeup & Hairstyling


This right here is the textbook definition of a two-way horse race. Except without the horses. Just guys in makeup. I kind of stink at analogies.

3rd Most Likely To Win: The 100-Year Old Man Who Climbed Out The Window

Yeah, can you honestly imagine this movie winning? This is a little-seen Swedish comedy that few people have seen. And I find it unlikely that any of the few people who have seen it would greatly prefer it over the competition.

2nd Most Likely To Win: The Revenant

Now this really seems like it could win. It would be a very Les Misérables style winner. However it seems that most of the time the film with the most obvious makeup wins. While the work on Leo is quite incredible, I think Fury Road might have the upper hand here.


I made the decision to stick with my gut instinct and predict George Miller to win Best Director. As such, it feels like a great movie to sweep all of the technical categories, including Best Makeup. The makeup is the most noticeable of the three categories. I feel this will be another Oscar that Fury Road will walk away with.

I’ve seen all of the nominated films. Here is my ranking;

1.) Mad Max: Fury Road
2.) The Revenant
3.) The 100-Year-Old Man

2 thoughts on “2015 Let’s Predict: Best Makeup & Hairstyling

    • I did a whole review of it. The plot is a hybrid of Forrest Gump and Baby’s Day Out that has some degree of charm to it. A lot of it will depend on if you’re into especially dark humor. But the makeup is very impressive, and worth the nomination.

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