2015 Oscars liveblog

Here we go!

7:32 – What a cool intro.

7:33 – Using clips from all movies in 2015, not just Oscar nominated ones or even good ones.

7:35 – “And the last thing I need is to loose another job to Kevin Hart.” Classic.

7:36 – “We had real things to worry about back then.” Great line.

7:37 – Brie looks great.

7:38 – Well yeah, Chris! But you’re not supposed to just SAY it!

7:40 – Okay, this speech has gone on a little too long.

7:41 – Finally, talking about something other than racism.

7:43 – He’s making a lot of good points, though.

7:44 – They did this in 2008, tracking the cinematic process!

7:45 – Okay, we’re starting with Original Screenplay.

7:47 – And the Oscar goes to… Spotlight!

7:48 – I wish Inside Out would have won this. At least I’m 1/1.

7:49 – Gosling and Crowe announcing Adapted Screenplay.

7:50 – Funny banter between Gosling and Crowe.

7:51 – And the Oscar goes to…The Big Short!

7:53 – I’m 2/2. Shame that Inside Out and Room didn’t get a lot of love this year.

8:00 – Funny montage. I just hope they don’t continue to make jokes like that throughout the rest of the show.

8:02 – Nice joke by Silverman.

8:08 – First two Best Picture nominees – The Big Short & The Martian.

8:09 – Best Supporting Actress time!

8:12 – And the Oscar goes to… Alicia Vikander!

8:13 – I’m 3/3. Man, they’re hardly giving people any time for their acceptance speeches.

8:18 – Look at Cate Blanchett’s dress. I bet that the dress was designed by Cate Blanchett.

8:19 – And Best Costume Design goes to… Mad Max: Fury Road!

8:20 – ‘What a lovely day’, is something I expect to hear a lot today. I’m 4/4.

8:22 – I like how nobody lets the music play them out. Next, Best Production Design.

8:23 – And the winner is… Mad Max: Fury Road!

8:25 – 5/5. I have a really good feeling about this. I feel like I’m gonna win a few of the bets that I’ve made.

8:26 – And now, Best Makeup & Hairstyling.

8:27 – And the Oscar goes to… Mad Max: Fury Road!

8:28 – 6/6. That Mad Max sweep doesn’t sound so crazy now, does it?

8:29 – I get Del Toro announcing The Revenant, but is Jennifer Garner really the right one to announce Fury Road?

8:35 – Cinematography is next!

8:37 – And the winner is… The Revenant!

8:38 – I’m 7/7. I’m in Seventh Heaven. It would have been nice to see Deakins win though.

8:39 – Best Film Editing is next.

8:40 – And the Oscar goes to… Mad Max: Fury Road!

8:41 – I’m 8/8. Wow. I don’t want to brag, but I’m doing pretty good, right?

8:42 – That was a lot of buildup for a weak joke.

8:48 – Doing Sound Editing and showing all the sound effects in the films. Brilliant.

8:49 – And the Oscar goes to… Mad Max: Fury Road!

8:50 – I’m 9/9. What is even happening right now?

8:52 – Best Sound Mixing. The winner is Mad Max: Fury Road. I’m 10/10. I have a sneaking suspicion that I could get every category right EXCEPT Best Picture.

8:54 – I thought that they were giving Andy Serkis a lifetime achievement award. Instead he’s announcing Best Visual Effects. Nice crack at Donald Trump.

8:57 – BIGGEST OSCAR SHOCK IN YEARS!!! Ex Machina wins Best Visual Effects. Not only was it my #5, it was probably everyone else’s #5 too. I’m 10/11.

9:01 – The Star Wars robots were cute, but they were probably expecting Star Wars to win.

9:05 – Still can’t believe Ex Machina won.

9:07 – I’m loving the Girl Scout cookie bit.

9:08 – And the Oscar for Best Animated Short goes to… Bear Story!

9:09 – And I’m 10/12 now.

9:11 – Just in case you didn’t know Pixar was gonna win Animated Feature, they actually got Woody & Buzz to announce the award. And Inside Out wins. Duh. I’m 11/13.

9:13 – Next year, they better get Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Bill Hader, Lewis Black, and Mindy Kaling to host. In character.

9:23 – Bridge Of Spies + Spotlight. My dad’s favorites.

9:27 – Prediction: Next year, ALL the acting nominees will be black.

9:28 – Okay, it’s time for Best Supporting Actor.

9:31 – And the Oscar goes to… Mark Rylance!

9:33 – Wow. 11/14.

9:34 – The BFG, starring Oscar winner Mark Rylance!

9:39 – Okay, Best Documentary Short. I’ve probably gotten this one wrong.

9:41 – A Girl In The River! Man, I’m 11/15 right now.

9:42- Best Documentary Feature now. I don’t know what’s gonna happen anymore.

9:43 – And the Oscar goes to… Amy! I’m 12/16.

9:49 – To be fair, those were pretty good cookies.

9:55 – In Memorium. It’s always sad that we have to keep losing great talent. But as long as amazing new talent keeps coming in, the great circle of life will continue.

9:59 – Live long and prosper!

10:04 – Tremblay and Attah presenting Live-Action Short. Both of them should be nominated for Lead Actor.

10:05 – Stutterer wins. I’ve got 12/17.

10:07 – Ooh, looks like we’re about to see Son of Saul win Best Foreign Language Film.

10:08 – Son Of Saul wins! I’m 13/18.

10:12 – The Vice President just called Lady Gaga his friend…

10:14 – Man. This is like the performance of Glory last year. So powerful, and so obviously you winner.

10:20 – They’re announcing Best Original Score now.

10:21 – And the Oscar goes to – The Hateful Eight!

10:22 – I’m 14/19. Ennio Morricone gets his Oscar and I’m glad for him. But Michael Giacchino really should have been nominated.

10:25 – Get ready to see Lady Gaga win an Oscar.

10:27 – “Writings On The Wall” wins! Man, you don’t know what it’s like to lose an Oscar… ’til it happens to you.

10:27 – Good to see Sam Smith dedicate his Oscar for the LGBT community.

10:30 – ‘A room full of white people’. Well, that’s one way to describe Room.

10:36 – Best Director time. It could concievably be any of them. But I’m placing my bet on George Miller.

10: 38 – And the Oscar goes to Alejandro G. Iñarritu.

10:39 – Oh man. I really don’t want The Revenant to win Best Picture.

10:45 – Remember what I said here? (https://conmanatthemovies.com/2015/02/11/the-room-that-thankfully-has-nothing-to-do-with-tommy-wiseau/)

10: 47 – And the Oscar goes to… Brie Larson! I’ve been saying it for a year! I’ve been saying it for an entire effing year! I’m 15/20.

10:52 – Time for DiCaprio to win his Oscar. They better let him finish his speech.

10:54 – And the Oscar goes to… Leonardo DiCaprio. Well, obviously. I’m 16/21.

10:57 – His speech is longer than anybody else’s. Do you think he payed people to have them not play the music?

10:59 – Morgan Freeman announces Best Picture.

11:00 – And the Oscar goes to… SPOTLIGHT!!!

My final score is 17/24. I am so happy. I was worried it was gonna be The Revenant.

Spotlight is a good movie.

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