2016 Movie Reviews: Sing Street


Hollywood doesn’t make a lot of musicals these days, do they? In the olden days, they were all the rage, but somewhere along the way they went out of fashion. So, I suppose it’s a good thing that John Carney keeps making musicals to keep the genre alive. (Even though the Golden Globes keep ignoring his films for some reason.)

While it’s not quite as good as Begin Again, Sing Street proves itself as a fun, enjoyable film with solid performances and solid songs. Actors Lucy Boynton and Jack Reynor give deep performances in crucial supporting roles. As for the direction, it’s fine for what it is, but like Carney’s previous efforts, the direction is very passive.

John Carney’s films have a tendency to get recognized in the best Original Song category at the Oscars, and nowhere else. I predict the trend will continue with “Drive It Like You Stole It”, which is the unanimous choice for the film’s best song. But watch out for the song “To Find You” – It’s pure Oscar catnip.

There’s nothing particularly wrong with Sing Street. It’s a good movie, but it’s not the best you could be seeing. If you liked Carney’s other films, you’ll probably enjoy this one just fine. If you’re not familiar with Carney’s work, I would recommend just watching Begin Again and then deciding if you like his style.



I think Jack Reynor looks exactly like Chris Hemsworth. My friend disagrees – she thinks he looks exactly like Seth Rogan. Readers, discuss below.

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