Life Is About To Get A Whole Lot Stranger.

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…So, apparently this is real.

Because all of the details are so vague right now, it is actually possible that the series won’t be a direct adaptation of the game, but instead, it’ll just take place in the same universe.

Which would be a really effing stupid idea.

So for now, I’m going to assume that the series directly adapts the game. On one hand, this is very good news, because this will allow people who aren’t gamers to be sucked into this phenomenal story. But on the other hand, video game adaptations don’t exactly have the best reputation.

At this point, all I can do is speculate about who will be cast. And so, It’s time to let my voice be heard.

It’s time to be an everyday hero.



Max Caulfield grew up in Arcadia Bay, and her best friend was Chloe Price. But when Max was 13, her parents moved away and she left behind her childhood. Now 18, she’s heading back to Arcadia Bay, to attend Blackwell Academy.

Max is a stranger in a familiar land, too shy to turn in a photo for a contest, or even to contact Chloe again. As the story progresses, Max becomes more confident, and has to eventually learn to stop doubting her decisions.

For the role, we want someone shy, but not overtly so. My personal pick for the role would be Julie Garner.


Chloe Price has had a difficult life. Her father died shortly before Max moved away, and her new step-dad isn’t exactly the nicest guy. Chloe has changed quite a bit since Max saw her last, becoming very abrasive and rude. But deep down, she’s still the same fun-loving girl that Max remembers spending time with.

This will probably be the most difficult role to cast, as much of the success of the miniseries depends on getting this role right. Personally, I really wish they could get Ashly Burch to reprise her role. Her vocal work in the game was phenomenal.

Either way, the role is super strong… whoever ends up playing her could likely contend for Best Supporting Actress In A Miniseries (Even though the role is arguably co-lead, but I doubt they’ll care.)


Warren Graham is Max’s friend and classmate. He also has a crush on her and isn’t too subtle about hiding it. He helps her out a few times and he gets a few nice scenes, but it’s not one of the most ’emotionally complex’ roles in the original game. Maybe in the adaptation, he might get more screen time.

As far as casting goes, we just need someone who can act natural and be likable. Maybe Jonah Bobo…


Nathan Prescott is one of the most popular students at Blackwell, due to his incredibly wealthy family. Too bad he’s also mentally unstable. His heritage always prevents him from ever facing consequences for his increasingly violent actions.

The role is a difficult one to perform, as the actor has to commit to Nathan’s mental disorder. His ‘phone message’ scene in Episode 5 will be especially tricky to get right.

Maybe someone in the vein of Alex Pettyfer can take on the role. At 26, he might be too old to pull off the role, but I think he has the acting capability.


Victoria Chase initially appears to be the most clichéd character in the game. But upon closer inspection, she has more depth to her than meets the eye. She’s basically the inverse of Chloe, being universally seen as a good person and only showing her nasty side to the people that she feels deserve it, like Max Caulfield. But her good side is definitely present, as Max eventually discovers.

Maybe someone like Dove Cameron could deliver the right amount of spice to the role.


The part of Kate Marsh will be tricky to get right. She might be the most innocent character in the game, in the wrong place and pushed to the extreme. The climax of Episode 2 is widely considered to be one of the strongest scenes in the game, and the actress who plays Kate will be largely responsible for that scene.

I think Kaitlyn Dever is the best choice. She gave a pretty heart-wrenching performance in Short Term 12, and she just might be able to handle it.


Mark Jefferson teaches ‘Language Of Photography’ at Blackwell Academy. A noteworthy photographer himself, Mr. Jefferson is viewed as the coolest teacher in school. As the story progresses, we see that there’s a little bit more to him than that…

They probably won’t be able to get him, but I’d like to see Ethan Hawke in the role. He certainly has the likability factor going for him, but I also think he has the acting ability to handle his more intense scenes in Episode 5.


David Madsen is the head of security at Blackwell Academy, who also happens to be Chloe’s stepfather. It’s not the most obvious ‘notice my acting’ role, but I personally thought Don McManus did a great job with vocal work. He gets a number of strong scenes.

I think we’re looking for a Josh Brolin type. Someone with that same vibe to them, but hopefully a little bit more affordable.


Joyce Price is Chloe’s mother. She can be stern sometimes, but she’s a kind-hearted person who’s just trying to make ends meet. It’s not a super meaty role, but she can lend a lot of support to the miniseries.

There are a lot of talented actresses who would do a good job in this role. But I’d pick Julianne Nicholson, who did a good job in August: Osage County, but isn’t in super high demand. I think she has the right feel to pull of this role.


Frank Bowers is a drug-dealer in his twenties, who sells weed to Blackwell students and seems to have been involved with Rachel Amber in the past.

Also, he was eating those beans.

For some reason, I’m thinking Domhnall Gleeson. The reason; I think it’s the law now that you have to put Domhnall Gleeson in everything.


Ray Wells is the principal of Blackwell Academy and he’s also one of the few people of color in the game. For the record, I would be open to more colorblind casting in the miniseries.

He doesn’t get that much screen time, and he doesn’t have a ton of influence on the plot. So I’ll go with Giancarlo Espotiso.


Finally, there’s Rachel Amber.Without giving anything away, the majority of this ‘performance’ is in a bunch of photographs. So, honestly… just cast Hannah Telle and make it the most meta thing ever.

But what do you think? Who would you cast in these roles? Are you excited for the Life Is Strange miniseries?  Write your thoughts down below.

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