Personal Post: Changes to the site.

I’m just making a quick little update to say some things that I can’t really talk about in a typical new post.

Mainly, there are two new pages. One of them is “Best Of The Best Pictures” Basically, I wrapped up the Best Picture Quest by revealing what my favorite films and performaces are. Better late than never.

But more importantly, I’ve added the “2016 Oscar Contender Tracker” Essentially, it lists all of the movies I’ve seen so far this year, and how I think they could contend in various categories at the Oscars. I don’t know why, I just love making Oscar charts and I have about a dozen of them on my computer. I thought it was finally time to share with the world.

Oh, and one quick thing. I’m not gonna write up a review for Kubo & The Two Strings. Without getting into too much detail, there were things in that movie that hit really, really close to home, and I ended up walking out of it two/thirds into the film. I haven’t done that in about six years, but I’ve been going through a lot in my personal life, and frankly, it was just too much for me.

I will be writing a review for The Light Between Oceans, followed by updated Oscar predictions. So, stay tuned for that.

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