2016 Movie Reviews: Loving


I don’t have a great deal to say about Loving. So, this review is probably gonna be a little shorter than the last two.

At its core, this seems like standard Oscar bait that always gets nominated. It’s a simple true story that doesn’t take too many risks but ultimately doesn’t offend everyone. And given the times, the story does feel relevant today.

The performances by Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga are the highlight of the film for me. Neither of them get a lot of big showy scenes, but they express  a lot of quiet, powerful emotion. Expect both of them to get a lot of notices in this awards season.

I can’t see this film actually winning any major awards. Because to me, it didn’t do anything too special to make it stand out from many other strong Oscar movies. There’s nothing wrong with it, and I am glad I saw it, but there are better movies that could be awarded this year.


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