2016 Annie Nominations


“Carrots, ONE of us is nominated.”

The nominations for the Annie Awards were announced this afternoon, and there’s quite a lot to talk about. Unsurprisingly, Zootopia swept with 11 nominations. Kubo & The Two Strings was close behind with 10. Moana also fared very well.

In the category of Independent Animated Feature, The Red Turtle makes an appearance, but no sign of either The Little Prince or April & The Extraordinary World. Those two films suddenly seem very unlikely to be Oscar nominated.

Finding Dory got nominated for the bog award, but it missed critical nominations in directing and writing. It might end up missing an Oscar nod. But if it doesn’t get in, what does?

One of the most confusing lineups was for Best Score. Zootopia, Kubo, Moana, and Finding Dory are all absent. It’s the latter snub that concerns me the most, because I was counting on Thomas Newman earning another Oscar nod.

But the most outrageous lineup of the five is the category of Best Voice Acting. Year after year, this group fails to nominate the actual best vocal performances. Art Parkinson made it on for Kubo, when if anybody should have gotten on for that film, it should have been Charlize Theron. Also, Finding Dory was completely absent – no DeGeneres, Brooks, or O’Neill. Man, they really didn’t like that movie.

But what shocks me is that Ginnifer Goodwin is nowhere to be found for her lead role in Zootopia, while co-star Jason Bateman made it on instead. No offense to Bateman, but Ginnifer Goodwin owns that movie. Her performance is one of the main reasons why the film works as well as it does. If it were up to me, she would be in the conversation for Lead Actress. Not nominating her is an absolute FAIL on behalf of the Annie Awards.

You can read all of the nominations here.

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