National Board Of Review, You Suck.

Here are the NBR results. You can look at them here. But there’s one thing in particular I want to

In the last two years, NBR has included The Lego Movie and Inside Out in their top ten of the year. Many years ago, they had the original Snow White in their top ten. So, if any awards body was going to actually acknowledge Zootopia, (which remains the best reviewed film of the year) it was NBR.

They listed Hail, Caesar! instead.

F*ck them.

I can still hope for a miracle, but at this point I have to take Zootopia out of my predicted Best Picture lineup.

This was the second year in a row that an animated film has been my favorite film of the year. And this movie is particular is all about looking past labels. So I really thought that this film could break through in the Best Picture category. But I may have to give up on my faith.

Before I die, I want to see an animated movie win the Oscar for Best Picture.

The future is looking uncertain.

One thought on “National Board Of Review, You Suck.

  1. Yeah, Zootopia was never going to get in with BP…if Inside Out couldn’t do it, Zootopia won’t either. It’s unfortunate, but we’ll need something UNDENIABLE to break that curse.

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