Double Movie Review: Captain Fantastic and Deadpool

First of all, happy 2017.I have to apologize that I haven’t been very productive lately. That’s something I’m gonna try to fix in the near future.


Captain Fantastic is currently available to rent on On Demand, and I decided to check it out in light of how well it performed at SAG.

Personally, I’m not as over the moon about this film as a lot of people are. The main issue I have was that I was unsure throughout most of the film how I was supposed to feel about Ben and his children. The film seems to force you to find them endearing by playing bright cheery music while they’re doing pretty horrible things.

I did slowly warm up to both the family and the film the more the film went on.. But I o think the screenplay has serious flaws. But I will admit that Viggo Mortensen was very goo in this role. Especially in his later scenes when he has a lot to do, and I think he would be very deserving of an Oscar nomination.

I had problems with this film but at the end of the day, I’m glad I saw it for Viggo Mortensen’s performance.



Deadpool has been getting a lot of attention. Not only did it make a lot of money for an R rated film, it’s also pretty immature for an R rated film. I wonder if there’s a connection.

All joking aside, this is a pretty entertaining film. The writing’s not exactly Shakespeare, but it is enjoyable enough in its self aware ness. Despite being a relatively raunchy film, it manages to not offend anybody.

Ryan Reynolds does a great job in the title role. He’s very funny of course, but he does manage to be serious when the role calls for it.

You can argue that the tone is a little uneven, and that the plot is a little by the numbers. But it gives the fans exactly what they’re looking for, and it gives non-fans a reason to become fans.


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