2016 Movie Reviews: Jackie


So, I’ve got a couple of reviews to get out that will probably be relatively short. I’m going to start with Jackie.

Director Pablo Lorrain does a fascinating job in looking at a side of the JFK assassination that we haven’t really seen before. The entire film feels like you’re in a daze, which was obviously the intention and very expertly done.

The film depicts a time when America is suffering a major loss and facing an uncertain future, which seems more relevant today then when the film was being made. In that way, the film is very powerful, but for some reason I wasn’t as sucked into it as i could have been.

At times, the film can come across like something from the History Channel. If you’re into that sort of thing, then more power to you. But not everybody is going to be into that sort of that thing.

As one might expect, Natalie Portman does a great job in the title role. There are parts of the film where she disappears completely into the role, which is pretty crazy for such a well-known actress. (She’ll always be Molly Mahoney to me, though!)

Though this film doesn’t do anything wrong, I can’t say I loved it. I am glad I watched it, but I don’t feel compelled to return to it.


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