2016 Let’s Predict: Best Film Editing

Today is Best Film Editing. This is a weird category because we have four movies that you could all argue for the second place position. And one frontrunner that’s clearly gonna win.

5th Most Likely To Win: Hell Or High Water

This is Jake Roberts’ first nomination, and he undoubtedly does an amazing job with this film. Unfortunately, the film in question seems to be dwindling in popularity. It’s probably in the weakest position for a Best Picture win. It still has some support, but I don’t think it has enough to win any of the awards its nominated for.

4th Most Likely To Win: Arrival

This is Joe Walker’s second nomination, following his work on  12 Years A Slave in 2013. There is a case to be made for this film. After all, the editing plays a large part in what makes the big plot twist as effective as it is.

But the fact remains that this is a genre film. Best Film Editing is either given to the film with the flashiest editing, or the Best Picture frontrunner. And simply put, Arrival is neither.

3rd Most Likely To Win: Moonlight

This is the first nomination for both Joi McMillion and Nat Sanders. The former is actually the first ever black woman to be nominated for this award. Yay for breakthroughs! I think that both of them will get a number of votes, because people really respond to this film.

But I don’t think that his film will win. The editing doesn’t call attention to itself as much as the other four nominees. This is one category where subtlety is a huge detractor.

2nd Most Likely To Win: Hacksaw Ridge


This is John Gilbert’s second nomination, after previously working on The Fellowship Of The Ring. One thing’s for sure, this guy knows how to make a fairly long movie feel shorter than it is. This is arguably the flashiest editing of the bunch, and given this film’s recent BAFTA victory, it’s entirely possible that this could win.

But I’m not going to predict it, and that’s for one simple reason.



La La Land

Tom Cross is the only nominee in this category who already has an Oscar, as he won for Whiplash two years ago. And given the circumstances, I’d say he’s about to go 2 for 2. When a movie sweeps in the way La La Land probably will, Film Editing usually comes along with the other wins. Plus, the editing in the film is undeniably very well done.


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