2017 Movie Reviews: The Beguiled


This is one of the most hyped up movies of the year so far. And Im just gonna come out and say it… I think it’s a little overrated. It’s a little weird, because on Rotten Tomatoes, this film has a 78%, which I think is pretty close to my feelings on the movie. If only the critics felt the same way.

Now I need to make it very clear that I do not dislike this film. It’s solidly made, and probably the best thing about is the direction by Sofia Coppola. It’s clear that she has a real vision for this story, and the production design and costume design are very well done.

As you probably suspected, the film does have a very strong ensemble and they all act off of each other very well. Kristen Dunst is my personal favorite. I will say though, I don’t understand all the attention that Nicole Kidman is getting. Sure, she’s a great actress, but to me, this performance doesn’t stand out compared to the rest of the cast or even some of her other work.

I guess my main issue would be the morality. I really wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be rooting for Colin Farrell’s character or the girls at the boarding school. There’s also the fact that the film’s ending left me feeling empty and confused as to what I was supposed to take away from the film.

And I guess that both of those points were intentional, but overall, this movie just didn’t do it for me. I would be open to a second viewing, seeing how short it is. But this film didn’t leave enough of an impact on me. Definitely fine filmmaking, but not really my cup of tea.

*** out of ****

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