2017 Movie Reviews: Baby Driver


Despite being a supposed film buff, I haven’t seen a lot of films by Edgar Wright. It’s not like I’ve been actively avoiding his work or anything, I just never got around to it before. And considering the fact that his new film Baby Driver is getting some awards traction (mainly in the tech categories) I thought I would check it out.

While it might be a bit lacking in substance, the film is very enjoyable as an action comedy. All the action scenes are very impressive, and the comedy is very well written.

I also really liked the editing, though I highly doubt it will receive an Oscar nomination. The film’s best bet is in the Sound categories, for reasons that become obvious when you watch the film.

Unfortunately, this film has a bit of stigma seeing how it was the last film Kevin Spacey appeared in before the allegations against him dropped. As such, all the scenes with Spacey in them are a little uncomfortable to watch. But of course, this isn’t the movie’s fault.

Overall, Baby Driver to be an enjoyable, fun movie. I wouldn’t call it one of the year’s best films, but I do recommend it. And I look forward to discovering more of Edgar Wright’s films in the future.

***1/2 out of ****

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