2012 Movie Reviews: The Hunger Games

When I saw the trailer for this film, I was all OH MY GOODNESS THAT LOOKS SO COOL! I thought I would check out the book from my local library. But week after week, nobody would return any of the five copies, I threw my hands up in the air and bought the book. But I had no idea the book would be so depressing. The final scene – tears ;(  . Well, after a bit of internal debate, I saw the movie. WOW.

Fan of the book or not, you cannot miss this thrilling experience. An all star cast led by Academy Award nominee Jennifer Lawrence each give fantastic performances with the help of some great sets, detailed makeup, fantastic costume design, and documentary-like camerawork. The book is adapted perfectly making changes that actually work to the films advantage, especially in the Capitol’s most horrifying vice, believing they have made good decisions.

SEE THIS MOVIE NOW- or, maybe not now, you may want to wait until the theatre empties out a little bit. I got stuck sitting in the front seat of an IMAX theatre and walked out with a big headache! but all I can say is, I would rather volunteer for the next Games than see this movie without a sole Oscar nomination. I give it four and a half stars (just barely five)


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