Best Picture Reviews: The Sound Of Music

images…. The hills are alive.. with the sound of music.. and nobody knows what comes after that.

In this beloved family friendly 60’s musical, Julie Andrews goes to this well-ordered house to look after some children, and she sings songs and lets them have a lot of fun, which their father forbids. But then her charm starts to work her way into the father and he gets a new outlook on life.
Isn’t there another movie like that? Nah.

In all seriousness, how does one discuss this film? I saw in the opening credits that this film is in fact, based on a musical. And yet, when somebody says ‘The Sound Of Music’, it’s the movie that pops into your head, not the musical. But what people remember about this movie is not the story or the images, it’s the songs. Now, I don’t think anybody can deny that these are some of the greatest songs ever written. But they weren’t written for this film. What is it about the movie specifically that draws people in?

The story itself is pretty straightforward, and at times, even cliche. The romance between Maria and Captain Von Trapp is not very interesting, and the whole ‘Nazi Escape’ thing seemed tacked on at the last minute. But, with that said, the movie looks well enough, and Julie Andrews is pretty good as Maria. The film creates a feel good atmosphere and the songs are preformed pretty darn well. As an adaptation of a musical, It gets the job done.
Even though it’s not always interesting, The Sound Of Music is a highly enjoyable film, and if you haven’t seen it, you probably should. I just think it’s a tad overrated.****

One thought on “Best Picture Reviews: The Sound Of Music

  1. No, I do not think it’s a bit overrated. I love the story because it is a true story. The Van Trapp children are still alive and well The references to World War 2 were real. Austria was on the side of the Allies (England, France, The United States) during the war., and therefore were enemies of Nazi Germany.
    Yes, the music and songs are beautiful. I loved this movie .I think I saw it three times.

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