Finishing The Best Picture Quest!

Some quick little paragraphs on the last three Best Picture Winners, since I’ve had time to re-watch them.


I think I liked it a little better the second time. It is very action packed, and the editing is very intense. It’s a good film, and it’s well made. I just don’t think it deserved to win Best Picture over the competition. It’s a strong effort, and Affleck was snubbed for Best Director. But it’s not one of my personal favorites.



Its gone down half a star since my review. I realize that the film is well made. But it is so difficult to watch. I also now realize that my initial enthusiasm towards Lupita N’yongo was that her role was so Oscar-friendly and not so much praise for her actual performance. I have since changed my winner for that year to Scarlett Johansson.



Man, I love this movie. It’s my favorite film of the year, it’s a masterpiece. And watching it again, I was reminded of just how great Keaton was. And the cinematography. Suddenly I find myself wondering why isn’t every movie done in one shot? And I start thinking about some of my favorite movies if they were done as one shot. Bottom line, one of my absolute favorite Best Picture winners, and an inspired choice by the Academy.


Coming Soon…


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