The Film Emotion Blogathon Results!

First of all, THANK YOU. I thought I would get two or three replies if I was lucky, but no. I got FIFTEEN. (Update: Twenty.) It’s incredible and thank you so much. I hope you all had as much fun putting your posts together as I did reading them.

So, here are the movies you should check out if you want to feel a certain emotion.


The 40 Year Old Virgin (Speaks In Movie Lines)
Amelie (@$$holes Watching Movies)
Billy Elliot (Sorta That Guy)
CinemaParadiso (SaltyPopcorn)
Coming To America (Dell On Movies)
Despicable Me (Abbiosbiston)
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Eclectic Scribbling)
Elizabethtown (Rhyme & Reason)
The Gods Must Be Crazy (Flixchatter)
Her (Defiant Success)
Hoosiers (Digital Shortbread)
Just Go With It (Ten Stars Or Less)
Monty Python & The Holy Grail (Carly Hearts Movies)
Monty Python & The Holy Grail (Surrender To The Void)
Notting Hill (Cinematic Corner)
The Rookie (Movierob)
Singing In The Rain (Dancin’ Dan On Film)
The Smiling Lieutenant (Fistful Of Films)
Star Wars: Episode VI (Drew’s Movie Reviews)
Wedding Crashers (Film Guy Reviews)


Big Fish (@$$holes Watching Movies)
Cavalry (Dell On Movies)
Dancer In The Dark (Film Guy Reviews)
Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes (Ten Stars Or Less)
Grave Of The Fireflies (Fistful Of Films)
Grave Of The Fireflies (Rhyme & Reason)
The Green Mile (Carly Hearts Movies)
The Kite Runner (Sorta That Guy)
Leaving Las Vegas (Speaks In Movie Lines)
Legends Of The Fall (Flixchatter)
The Ox-Bow Incident (Defiant Success)
Oranges & Sunshine (Eclectic Scribbling)
The Passion Of The Christ (Digital Shortbread)
The Road (Abbiosbiston)
Romeo + Juliet (SaltyPopcorn)
This Is 40 (Cinematic Corner)
The Three Colors: Blue (Surrender To The Void)
Toy Story 3 (Dancin’ Dan On Film)
Toy Story 3 (Drew’s Movie Reviews)
United 93 (Movierob)


The Blair Witch Project (Speaks In Movie Lines)
Compliance (Film Guy Reviews)
Donnie Darko (Sorta That Guy)
Event Horizon (Abbiosbiston)
The Exorcist (Flixchatter)
Friday The 13th (@$$holes Watching Movies)
Halloween 4 (Ten Stars Or Less)
Insidious (Drew’s Movie Reviews)
Poltergeist (Dancin’ Dan On Film)
Poltergeist (Rhyme & Reason)
Psycho (Fistful Of Films)
REC (Carly Hearts Movies)
Repulsion (Cinematic Corner)
Requiem For A Dream (Defiant Success)
Requiem For A Dream (Dell On Movies)
The Silence Of The Lambs (Digital Shortbread)
Sinister (Movierob)
Sinister (SaltyPopcorn)
The Thing (Surrender To The Void)
We Need To Talk About Kevin (Eclectic Scribbling)


Aloha (Surrender To The Void)
The Amazing Spiderman (@$$holes Watching Movies)
August: Osage County (Film Guy Reviews)
Barbarian Invasions (Dell On Movies)
Breaking The Waves (Eclectic Scribbling)
Breakfast At Tiffany’s (Carly Hearts Movies)
Brokeback Mountain (Cinematic Corner)
Funny Games (Defiant Success)
The Happening (SaltyPopcorn)
The Hobbit: Battle Of The Five Armies (Dancin’ Dan On Film)
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay: Part One (Ten Stars Or Less)
Jurassic World (Digital Shortbread)
The Matrix Reloaded (Speaks In Movie Lines)
Prisoners (Fistful Of Films)
Rage (Drew’s Movie Reviews)
This Means War (Abbiosbiston)
Transformers 4: Age Of Extinction (Flixchatter)
The Tree Of Life (Movierob)
Urban Cowboy (Rhyme & Reason)
X-Men: The Last Stand (Sorta That Guy)


Compliance (Eclectic Scribbling)
Compliance (Movierob)
Funny Games (SaltyPopcorn)
Fruitvale Station (Defiant Success)
Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance (Drew’s Movie Reveiws)
Gummo (Dell On Movies)
The Human Centipede (Film Guy Reviews)
I Spit On Your Grave (Ten Stars Or Less)
The Last Airbender (Rhyme & Reason)
Misery (SaltyPopcorn)
Nymphomaniac: Vol II (Speaks In Movie Lines)
The Ox-Bow Incident (Fistful Of Films)
The Passion Of The Christ (Sorta That Guy)
Pixels (@$$holes Watching Movies)
Project Nim (Cinematic Corner)
Saw III (Digital Shortbread)
Requiem For A Dream (Dancin’ Dan On Film)
Requiem For A Dream (Carly Hearts Movies)
Requiem For A Dream (Abbiosbiston)
Salo or the 120 Days of Sodom (Surender To The Void)
The Whistleblower (Flixchatter)

Requiem For A Dream gets the most mentions – 2 in Fear and 3 in Disgust. Compliance gets 2 in Disgust and 1 in Fear. Grave Of The Fireflies, The Ox-Bow Incident, The Passion Of The Christ, Poltergeist,Sinister, and Toy Story 3 all get two mentions. (It’s telling that the only other Pixar film to appear in the blogathon {Toy Story 3} is in the Sadness category.)

Even If I don’t agree with all the choices, just the fact that so many people agreed to participate in this blogathon is amazing. Thank you so much and keep reading this blog, because I have a lot planned in the upcoming weeks.

Oh, and for those of you who are interested, here are my personal picks.

My Joy



my anger


11 thoughts on “The Film Emotion Blogathon Results!

  1. Aw man, I didn’t read the deadline and thought I had a few more days. 😦 Oh well. Great work setting this up, Conman! Since I wasn’t able to get in on it, here are my picks:

    Joy: Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
    Sadness: Toy Story 3
    Fear: Insidious
    Anger: Rage
    Disgust: Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

  2. I’m so glad I found the time to do this Connor, (almost didn’t).

    Such a wonderful idea and It’s so telling when there are so many different opinions as to which movie instills in each of us different emotions.

    Why am I not surprised at all that MMWE was ur joy! 🙂

    cant wait to see what u have planned in the coming weeks…

  3. Hey Conman, just got wind of this amazing idea of a blogathon through Drew of Drew Reviews Movies. I understand the deadline for submissions has passed, but I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind if I put up a post about it on my site and linked back to this page? The concept is just too cool for me to not do something. Let me know!



    • Hey, be my guest. I’m flattered that so many people want to participate in the blogathon. I always try to put a little kindness in the world, so I say, ‘Go for it!’.

      • Excellent! Thanks, it should be posted tomorrow afternoon. Maybe even late tonight if I can think quick. 🙂 Thanks for having me.

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