2016 Let’s Predict: Best Makeup & Hairstyling

Our next category is Best Makeup & Hairstyling

3rd Most Likely To Win: A Man Called Ove

I can’t fathom how this one could win. At first I thought it was just really subtle old age makeup, but apparently, the lead actor was the same age as his character when filming began. So… they gave him a dye job?

Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie, but even if other Oscar voters have seen it, they won’t vote for it. There simply isn’t enough here for a nomination, let alone a win.

2nd Most Likely To Win: Suicide Squad

This could happen, ladies and gentlemen. Even if an Oscar voter hasn’t seen the film, they’ll remember Harley Quinn’s look and they’ll vote for it. The only thing holding this film back from being an Oscar winner is the horrible reviews.

But reviews do mean something. I mean, no film from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever won an Oscar, so if a film from the DC Cinematic universe wins an oscar first, that’ll just make things confusing and unfair.



Star Trek Beyond

This summer blockbuster came and went early in this year, but looking back at it, you can’t deny how amazing the makeup is. It’s certainly the most noticeable makeup of the three nominees. And that’s usually a pretty good sign when it comes to winning an Oscar.

Sure, you could argue that not that many Oscar voters have seen it, but… look at these three nominees. And look at that picture.  What else is there to vote for? Just give it to Star Trek Beyond and be done with it.



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