Rule Changes for the next Academy Awards

The Academy recently announced key dates for the next four Academy Awards. So, unlike our President, the Academy has a solid plan for the next four years. But more importantly, they also announced two small rule changes for next year’s ceremony.

The first change is that multi-part miniseries will no longer be considered in the category of Best Documentary Feature. This is clearly in response to O.J. Made In America winning last year. And honestly, I think it’s a welcome change. An 8 hour movie has an obvious advantage over the competition, so this helps to level the plating field.

The other change has to do with the Best Animated Feature Category. For the first time ever, all members of the Academy will be voting on this award, rather than just the Animation branch. This likely means that the nominees in this category will be getting more mainstream. Some have complained about this news, but I am all for it. Why?

Because if more Academy voters see more animated films, that increases the chances of an animated film getting a Best Picture nomination.

Let’s see what happens.

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