Personal Post: Star Wars Problem

So, I don’t know how many of you read my Original post on predicting Best Sound Mixing. You may have read the comments. In those comments, MovieRob questioned why I hadn’t seen The Force Awakens. And so, I had to reveal the 2nd worst thing about myself that I can say on the internet. I’ve never actually sat down and watched the Star Wars trilogy.

Now, I basically know everything that happens because of how prominent the films are in modern pop culture. When I was younger, I just wasn’t into it. And as I grew older, I just kept putting it off and forgetting about it. Once The Force Awakens was coming out, copies of the Star Wars trilogy were nowhere to be found. But now, I’ve firmly resolved that I just have to see these movies.

Now, you’d think that for a film series that have been hailed as some of the greatest movies of all time, that getting a DVD to watch the films as they originally appeared wouldn’t be too difficult. Well, you’d be wrong.

You’re probably aware about the whole drama with the ‘special editions’. Basically, the only version that George Lucas will allow people to see is the version with a bunch of CGI added into it.

I’m sorry, but this is really freaking stupid.

Technically speaking, the only real way to see these movies is on VHS. I’m pretty sure if my go up to my local library and ask the lady behind the desk where the VHS tapes are, she’s gonna look at me funny.

So, internet. I need your help. What is the easiest way to see the original, unaltered Star Wars trilogy?

Should I wait for Disney to release the unedited version? Suck it up and watch the special edition? Or should I just go see The Force Awakens?

Internet, what should I do?

2 thoughts on “Personal Post: Star Wars Problem

  1. The special editions don’t suck as much as you think they do, just so you know. The originals are more nostalgic, but for someone who hasn’t seen them…you probably won’t even notice a difference.

    The prequels suck, CGI or not…the originals are great either way.

    BUT, if you want to buy them on Amazon, I know they have the DVD versions of the original cuts…but I’m sure they’re a tad pricey.

  2. didn’t mean to make u go thru such a dilemma 😦 sorry Con!

    I agree with Andrew, I don’t think it’ll make much of a difference for someone who has never seen them. After watching the original trilogy, You SHOULD see the Prequels and determine for yourself what u think…. and then watch The newest one!

    good luck and I look forward to hearing ur thoughts on it all!

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